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Why, how and what

The new & most effective way of networking. Let's Crovv!!

Crovv is the first on- & offline international business network. In order to keep up with the fast paced world and wanting to extend your network, we provide the solution for real human interaction and the fast pace of online connection. Not only will we provide the tools and events to facilitate it, we as Crovv will also help you create your best connections. Our online solutions range from videoconference to an online platform, which you can both try here.

Are you ready to expand your network in a new way?


Your next & best investment in your business.

Features Basic € 599,- Premium € 1499,- Exclusive € 3499,-
Unlimited Video Chat
Five products in the CrovvShop
Connection Exclusive members + Recommendations
Connection Premium members + Recommendations
Connection Basic members + Recommendations
Online Video Chat Networking Meetings
Online knowledge Sessions
Personal Profile
Business Profile
Mention on Crovv.com + Logo
Partner Crovv Premium Experience (1x)
Business Coach (personal session)
Knowledge session Business, IT and Marketing
Boek Think and Grow Rich & Boek Master your Mindset
Crovv Premium Experience Free Ticket (69,95) (per year) 1x 2x 3x + 1 fully free
Logo on Crovv Coin
Membership Service online
Membership Crovv Team
Personal Meeting with Corporate Team (once a year)
Online Business Club Exclusive meetings
Online Business Club Premium meetings
Offline Business Club Premium & Exclusive meetings (2xp/y)
Personal High Quality Recommendations Corporate Team
Membership price Basic € 599,- Premium € 1499,- Exclusive € 3499,-

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Ton van de Ven

Ton van de Ven

CEO & Founder

E: t.vandeven@crovv.com

T: +31652378421

Henk van Gils

Henk van Gils

COO & Founder

E: h.vangils@crovv.com

T: +31653649356

Thomas Kolmans

Thomas Kolmans


E: t.kolmans@crovv.com

T: +31649777284