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Online meetings, networking, coaching, teaching or brainstorming!, it's never been so easy!
All this is possible with the Let's Crovv !! Video chat software.
Privacy guaranteed, NO recording and NO data storage!
Unlimited 1-on-1 meetings
Unlimited number of group meetings
Share screen
Manage options Admin/Chairman
All you need is Google Chrome on a laptop or PC. Or you can get the Let's Crovv!! Download app is available for iOS & Google Play Store. You only pay the license costs of € 96.00 per year (excl. 21% VAT).

What do you need to start a Crovv Videoconference?

A business or personal Crovv link / url.
Share your link with the people you want to set up a video conference with.
They need nothing more than a good internet connection and a laptop, PC with Google Chrome. People can also participate via the Let'sCrovv!! This app can be downloaded for mobile phones.

Click on the link at the desired time and date and you are immediately online. We wish you a lot of Video Chat fun - Let's Crovv!!

Passion for virtual communication

Start your community

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