Why a community platform?

A healthy business must have control over its supporters and virtual real estate. The same goes for artists, sports clubs, brands, schools and all other institutions that use an online group or community. We don't have to tell anyone that there is a lot wrong with a social media group within a professional setting, but why would you go for a Community Platform from Crovv? We summarize it here for you:
We think privacy for your community is the most important thing! Other platforms or groups such as a facebook group collect big data from the activity in your community. You have no influence on what happens with this data. You also do not have access to this data. As a marketer of a company, you naturally want to control this yourself, especially if you want to control figures or improve your customer behaviour. Crovv only collects the data for you and your company! Do you want to protect any kind of privacy and not collect data from the members at all? This is also possible within a Crovv Community Platform.
If you as a company want to work on a group identity, branding and better communication, a Community platform from Crovv offers the solution. Here all communication, content and video meetings can take place under one professional roof. All members can professionalize their profile and make contact with other members.
Give visitors a good first impression. Do not let one enter in the delusion of the day. You want to enhance the customer experience by letting them enter a warm bath. The first experience for new users is clear, professional and very warm.
A social media platform is intended for current events: overview and order are not central here. There are no categories or other sorts within these channels. Highlight an important message? Forget it. With a Crovv community platform, the users are warmly welcomed: it immediately becomes clear what the community is intended for and what the most important topics are.
Your community platform gets what it deserves. In concrete terms, this means: No distractions within your community! No ads, banners, news or countless other distractions within the platform. The focus of the members is what your community is for.
Many online groups have little control. You cannot use your own design, sort content or determine what members can and cannot see. With Crovv you can. We can adapt the Community to your needs down to the last detail.

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